Unusual Uses for Salt

In this ible I will be showing you some unusual uses for common table salt. Aside from adding flavor to bland dishes, salt has a multitude of uses. I hope you enjoy ! Please leave a comment and subscribe.


Step 1: Non Dripping Candles

When the wax in candles melt, it drops over the side and creates an irritating mess. You can prevent this. Soak your candles in a strong salt solution for 2-3 hours and you won't have anymore dripping candles.

Step 2: Clean Spills That Stink

Everyone has had something spill in their oven. But now it's easier to clean. Take some cinnamon and put in some salt. The cinnamon will keep your oven from stinking. Sprinkle the mixture over the spill soon after it happens, while the oven is still hot. Once it has cooled just brush the mixture away and the spill will go with it.

Step 3: Good Egg or Bad Egg ?

If you have an egg that may be bad or good and you really don't know then you can quickly check. Add two teaspoons of salt to a cup of water. Drop the egg in, if it's a good egg then it will float and if it's bad it will sink right to the bottom.

Step 4: Clean Sponges

Sponges have lots of bacteria and other nasties, luckily there is a way to clean the sponge and kill those germs. Soap up the sponge and then rinse it off. Then soak it in cold, really salted water for an hour or two.

Step 5: Kill Poison Ivy !!!!

Take three pounds of salt and mix it with a gallon of soapy water. Put it into a sprayer and apply it to the stem and leaves. Then the plant will die.

Step 6: Make Brooms Live Longer

If you want to preserve the life of your broom then follow this quick easy step. Soak the broom fibers in hot, salty water before their first use.

Step 7: Bee Sting

To soothe a bee sting follow this quick step. Remove the stinger, wet the sting and apply a paste of salt and water. Let it dry and it will reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Step 8: Clean Chimney

Throw some salt in your fire, not only will this create vivid yellow flames but it will loosen the soot and help prevent chimney fires and improve air flow.

Step 9: Canker Sore Relief

Gargle some saltwater and this will help with the pain of a toothache, and ease the pain of canker sores and sore throat. Dissolve two teaspoons of salt in a 1/4 cup of water. Swish it around in your mouth for at least 20 seconds. If you have a sore throat then gargle. It will most likely burn but it works.

Step 10: Clothes

If you like to dry your clothes on the line and you live somewhere where it is cold. Put some salt in the rinse water to keep the clothes from freezing stuff. To keep the clothes from sticking to the line pour some salt water on the clothes line.

Step 11: Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers get dirty, and you don't want to have clean every petal. So just toss the flowers in a gallon zip lock bag with about a cup of salt and shake well. The debris will come right off.

Step 12: Keep Milk Fresh

Sour milk is terrible. To keep your milk from spoiling add a pinch of salt to the carton and pinch the spout closed and shake well to mix. This will keep it fresh longer.

Step 13: Coffee Less Bitter

Bitter coffee can be fixed. Add a pinch of salt to your coffee and this will enhance the flavor.

Step 14: Remove Sweat, Blood, and Wine Stains

Pour salt on wine stains and it will suck up whatever it can.

Wash the blood stained clothes in cold water and then hot soapy water.

Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of hot water and sponge it on.

Step 15: Prevent Fruit From Browning

If your fruit is susceptible to browning or is browning then dip the sliced fruit into lightly salted water. This will help them look fresh.

Step 16: Frost Free Windows

To keep frost from accumulating on your vehicle windows dip a sponge in salty water and rub it on the inside and outside of the window. Then rub it dry with a soft cloth.

Step 17: Stinky Shoes

If you want to get the stink out of your shoes then just put some salt in your shoes and then wipe it out. Do not use it on leather or synthetic shoes because it may cause them to wear down quicker.

Step 18: Eye Puffiness

If you have red, puffy, swollen eyes then follow this quick step. Sprinkle a pinch of salt in a cup of hot water and apply the salty solution on your puffy eyes with a cotton pad.

Step 19: Skin

Massage a mixture of salt and olive oil into your skin in circular motions. Leave it on for a few minutes then wash it off. The massage increases circulation, the olive oil moisturizes, and the salt buffs away dead skin cells.

Step 20: Yellowed Linens

To bring back those yellowing whites, boil cotton or linen items in a pig pot of water with a few tablespoons of salt plus a few tablespoons of baking soda.

Step 21: End

I hope you enjoyed please leave a comment and subscribe !!!!



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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Wonder how well the "Frost Free Windows" hack will work on my dive mask.

    1 reply
    Street-Wise Irish billytruss

    Reply 2 years ago

    Not sure, but I would like to know what happens if you ever try it out. Would be a nice learning experience tho, right ?


    3 years ago

    Another little trick is to give a shake or two onto a napkin before placing your drink on it. When the glass sweats, the salt grains will prevent the napkin from sticking to the glass when you pick it up.

    1 reply
    Street-Wise Irish

    3 years ago

    You have some good ol' knowledge in that head of yours PliotOfTheFuture


    3 years ago

    Just an FYI on the eggs. Having chickens of our own we encounter moments when we're not sure if the eggs are still good or not (especially if we finally find a hidden nest) so we employ this same test. Its actually the opposite. If they float they're bad, if they sink they're good. The reason being that the gasses caused from decomposition will make the egg float.
    One thing most people probably don't know about canker does is that salt really does work. I've found that if I can put a whole pinch of salt right on it, it'll heal right up in a day or two. Of course it feels like the devil's own hot poker on it, but endure the pain for fifteen minutes and you'll be good as gold the next day! Great info in the ible!

    1 reply