Unusual Uses for Sugar





Introduction: Unusual Uses for Sugar

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Everyone has sugar in their cupboard which is used for baking

Step 1: Bad Breath

Forgot to use mouthwash?
To treat bad breath, suck on a teaspoon of sugar

Step 2: Exfoliate Lips

Mix one part sugar,one part olive oil, and one rant vanilla extract to make a paste
Gently apply to lips and scrub
Wipe off paste or lick off

Step 3: Cuts

To kill bacteria, sprinkle the wound with sugar before bandaging

Step 4: Hands

To clean, add a bit of sugar to your soap
This makes a abrasive hand cleaner

Step 5: Garden

To kill parasites,
Add sugar to soil



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    Put sugar on your tongue if you ever get burnt on your tongue, It works really well!

    we need the evidence bro. why does it 'cure' bad breath? how does it kill bacteria? osmosis?

    If you've got bad breath, it's bacteriae and they really love sugar, more than you an me (we don't start multiplying when we get sugar - at least not every time ;))

    Same thing with wounds - don't feed the monsters intentionally!

    Very neat!! Thank you very much and I voted

    1 reply

    After the parasites are gone, what do you do about all the ants?

    Kill bacteria and parasites with sugar?? Where did you learn that?