Up-Cycled Oatmeal Container to a Headband Holder



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One of my recently completed projects, this was another one of those "I need to make one of those!" projects spurred by Pinterest.

A simple project that could be done in about a day, it uses a recycled oatmeal container, scrapbook paper and an old candlestick holder. 
I bought the candlestick at the dollar store and had the modpodge, glue and scrapbook paper needed to create this easy, functional and oh-so-sweet project.

Take a look at the instructions and I hope it will help you get on your way to organizing those headbands that just don't seem to have a home of thier own, until now!

On another note  - Up-cycling rocks!
I'm going to be saving my oatmeal containers for Christmas, as they seem to make great storage containers.  I'll probably give homemade treats in them, and decorate them with old book pages or old Christmas cards.

I also really like the sea-glass staining look that the candlestick holder has.  Maybe I'll turn some of my saved mason jars into pretty vases, or give them away for hostess gifts filled with goodies.
Oh the possibilities are endless!
Please let me know what you do! =)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

I used the following materials and tools, all things I had at home -
For the "holder":
  • clean, recycled oatmeal container
  • modge podge
  • sponge brush
  • two (2) pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper
  • Optional decorations that could be used - children's artwork (if it's large enough), ribbon, fake or handmade flowers, or wrapping paper

For the "stand" (optional):
  • clean candlestick holder
  • modge podge or Elmer's glue (or equal)
  • tablespoon
  • food coloring
  • container to mix glue in
  • E-6000 glue
  • Optional: painters tape
  • Optional: You could also spray paint the candlestick a coordinating color
  • I also used a large washer on the bottom of the oatmeal container to balance it better over the candlestick - not sure if it's needed but I thought I'd mention it

My hope for you is that you use this Instructable to create your own unique headband holder. 
I'd like to give a shout-out to the other possibility for a headband holder, made by craftydabbler here on Instructables.  I didn't have a PVC pipe, so I used what I had instead.

Step 2: Decorate the Holder

I cleaned the oatmeal box by removing the top cover and gently tapped it on the counter.

I then used a dry paper towel to wipe up as many bits and chunks of loose oatmeal that might have been left over in the container.

Knowing that the paper was too long, I marked and cut the scrapbook paper to fit the the oatmeal container.

I initially placed a generous amount of modge podge on the container, as I didn't want to end up coating the outside of the paper when I was done. This also meant that I covered the back of the second sheet of cut paper as well as the back of the trim pieces of paper.

If I had used ribbon as a trim, I probably would have used a glue gun to place it on.

The last thing I covered was the top, and I did that by measuring the lid on the remaining piece of paper.  I used scissors to cut out the circle in the cap, and glued the scrapbook paper to the inside of the cap along the plastic edge.

If you didn't want to put the container on the candle stick, then you are done here! 
I think the candlestick makes the container almost fancy, and what little girl doesn't like fancy?  Well, mine does anyway.

Step 3: Decorate the Stand - Painting a Sea-glass Look

I used an older candle stick holder, one that had candle wax on it.  In order to remove the candle wax, I placed the candle stick in the freezer for about 10-minutes.  The wax pops right off, and what didn't pop off I scraped off using the end of a metal spoon.

I read about this fake sea-glass technique on Pinterest, and mixed up a batch to see if it worked myself.

After washing and drying the candlestick, I mixed the concoction of two (2) tablespoons of modge podge (or glue), one-half (1/2) a teaspoon of water, and about three drops of food coloring.  A little bit of food coloring goes along way.  I ended up adding a drop of purple coloring, which gave the glue-paint a slightly darker color.

I placed painters tape on the top rim of the candlestick, as I've had experience before where painted items do not stick well when glued.  That's just me, and I'm not sure if this would be necessary.

I applied a generous amount of paint, coating the entire surface and making it evenly spread out over the flatter portions of the candlestick.

You can see the end result in the photos - a not-quite clear, but not entirely see-through effect, that mimics a sea-glass effect, without the powdery look.

I think I'll be using this technique for Christmas projects this year too!

Step 4: Put It All Together...

I had an old washer that I placed silver nail polish on so the rust wouldn't show.  I can't be sure if the washer is really needed, but I wanted to be able to balance the oatmeal container over the candlestick, so putting something small and heavy on the bottom seemed logical to me.

I use E-6000 glue for many of my glass and ceramic projects, but I am sure that other glues would work as well.

After removing the painters tape, I applied a layer of E-6000 glue to the candlestick top and stuck it onto the bottom of the oatmeal container.  I didn't really measure the center, just eye-balled it.

Next I glued the washer to the inside of the container, after feeling-around for the top of the candlestick holder through the bottom cardboard piece.
I noticed that the cardboard on the bottom of container seems flemsy, and I will be interested in how the stand holds-up to my daughters 'roughness' with things.

The glue recommends waiting at least 24-hours to dry, so we waited a day and placed her barrets inside the container, as well as the headbands around the dressed-up oatmeal box.

I think I will be adding some flowers to the top of the container in the future, but for now, it serves it purpose very well, and we all know where her headbands are.


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