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Introduction: Up-Cycled Rolling Welding Station

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Found this little beauty on the curb with the trash cans. I think it was a drill press stand or something. It kicked around the tool trailer for a few months because I knew I would need it for something.

Step 1: Get a Shop. Even If It's a Huge Mess :-)

It looks like a wreck but it's all I got which is why I have a 10' tool trailer

Step 2: Find a Table

I found this one on the curb with the trash bins. It's been kicking around my tool trailer for a few months. I was working on a welding project yesterday and kept having to pick the machine up and move it. I needed a rolling cart.

Step 3: Gather the Needed Supplies, About $50 at the Big Box

I used all the casters I had in my shop on another project. (joined a bunch of kitchen cabinets together and built a 2x4 top and bottom for the shop)

You will need:

1 - 15' heavy duty grounded 3 wire extension cord
1 - Standard power receptacle
1 - Unbreakable receptacle cover
1 - Metal single gang box
1 - gang box cable clamp
2 - 2" static casters
2 - Locking 360 casters
1 - 8 foot 2x3
1 - Weldable sheet metal
1 - Expanded metal (i had it in the shop)

Step 4: Flip It

Turn the table over and knock out the fake wood on the bottom shelf.

Step 5: Use a Chop Saw to Make a Frame

Cut the boards tight on a 45 and screw them together at all the corners. Note the table I found had holes in the base already. If yours does not, drill one to add strength. Use exterior screws.

Step 6: Expanded Steel

Find a piece of expanded steel and cut it to size. Remember it goes inside so don't leave it to big.

Step 7: Install the New Base Shelf

I used screws for backer board because they are heavy duty and made for wet areas in conjunction with some 1 inch washers

Step 8: Measure and Cut the Sheet Metal

I gave a 2" overlap and again cut with the angle grinder

Step 9: Bend and Cut

I used a heavy rubber mallet the bed the metal tight over the top. Then I cut the corners and bent them. I used two hammers to flatten the edges

Step 10: More Bending

Flip the table back over and bend and hammer the corners as well as you can. I was pleased with mine as they dont have sharp edges but they look a little hideous. They work tho so...

Step 11: Add the Wheels

I put the two 360 locking casters at one long end and the 2 static at the other

Step 12: Hook Up the Power

Cut the extension cord about 1' back on the female end. (in case you want to reuse the plug later)
Drill two holes in the side of the gang box
Cut a small piece of the 2x3 and screw it to the leg of the cart
Install the cable clamp in the gang box and run the wire
tie a know in the cable and secure the clamp
Screw the gang box to the 2x3
install the receptacle and face plate
I used the other side of the 2x3 for a hook to hang my helmet

Step 13: Enjoy

You have a nice sturdy rolling welding station.

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    2 years ago

    That looks like a good find, and then a great upgrade too. Nice!