Up-Cycling Clothes

This project we will be upcycling some random clothes from the thrift shop. We went in there with 50$ and spent forty of it con clothes and shoes

Step 1: Step 1: Coming Up With Ideas

First, you should go to google and come up with some ideas about what you want to make with the clothes you want to try to find and make. And with this project, you have to have an open mind because you most likely won't get exactly as you were planning.

Step 2: Step 2: Go to the Thrift Store and Have Some Fun.

Next, your gonna go any thrift store that is near you. And go in with a set budget because you will end up spending a good amount of money if you're not careful. We ended up coming away from the thrift shop with a dress some shoes, a few shirts, and a skirt.

Step 3: Step#3 Grab Your Supplies

You may need some glue, needle, pins and some thread, to sew or glue the pieces together

Preferably hot glue or some that stays glued together

Step 4: Step #4 Have Fun!

Go crazy!

You can use skirts and cut them up to put on the end of jeans

Long sleeve dress shirts as dresses

Endless baby clothes

It's all up to your imagination!



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    Penolopy Bulnick

    7 months ago

    Upcycling thrift store finds is the best!