Up-cycle Table Lamp

Introduction: Up-cycle Table Lamp

At first, find some wood material that from up-cycle. A damaged or scrap lamp with good condition light bulb, wire and switch. Prepare for cutting tools, Electrician pliers, electric tapes, and all others material that you would like to add to your table lamp. the material is not limited by wood. as long as you are able to work with it, it fine to use other material.

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Step 1: The Body

To make a body, we need to cut our material to two parts, the Light pole and Lamp holder, the one I make is hand size which is real small, the holder is 4" wide, and pole is 2.75" height. You can change the size as you want, the size of lamp depend on the size of light bulb you had. Remember to Drill hole on it and make sure the wire is able to go through.Use sand paper to clear up the surface.

Step 2: The Base

The base is parts that we store all the electric parts and wire. The base should be depend on your electric resource. the light bulb I have is small light bulb with 10W and 12V, I use 9V and two 1.5V battery connect together to get 12V battery. the base should big enough to hould all your electric parts.

The base require switch and power resource, if your lamp require 110v or 120v,remember use the plug as your power resource. after your install all your parts, use wire to connect switch, power resource, light bulb one by one, and use electric tape to warp them.

Step 3: The Lampshade

The lampshade I choose the antiquate iron wire as my material, and I design my lamp looks like a tree, to remain people the material that we discord could be use for, and It notice people all the wood material is from tree.

You can use any material that you have to built lampshade, as long as it looks good and have a shape.

Get some strong wire to built Bracket and make sure it able to hold itself on lamp holder.

Step 4: Complete the Table Lamp

Assemble lampshade, the body and the base. Test the switch see if it working, you may need glue or tape to assemble all the parts. make sure you have everything working before you glue it or tape it up.

And then you have a new table lamp that build by yourself, enjoy it!

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    Cool. I bet this makes some really interesting shadows. Do you have any pictures of that?