Up-cycled Bar

Introduction: Up-cycled Bar

Our up-cycled cabinet turned into a perfect dry bar using Olympic paint and a little creativity!

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Step 1: Prep Work

My first step, after finding this amazing vintage cabinet, is to give it a good sanding.

I used a 120 grit grain sanding block to get an extra fine finish when I was done sanding.

You have to have every little nook and crevice sanded down to get all the years of gook, dirt, grime and the base polyurethane sealant off.

This is very important so don't skip this step!

Step 2: Prime

We used an Olympic primer for our base coat. This will make everything easier in the long run by helping to deter your finishing paint from chipping, and also allows you to paint your final color with smooth lines.

We used an Olympic white primer, and brushed it on.

Step 3: Painting

We decide to pain the interior and exterior two different colors. I figured this would give it a pop on the inside for dimension and general fun!

We used Olympic Flemish Sky for the interior and Dover Gray for the exterior.

Make sure to tape off the inside and remove the doors so you get a good clean paint job. We painted the interior first. With light brush strokes go over the entire interior with the color of choice. Our Flemish Sky by Olympic was bright and cheery, just what we wanted!

We then painted the exterior, first doing the doors, then the entire cabinet. I made sure to paint the back of the cabinet too as it would be partially exposed to our window outside. So double check if you need to do the back or not based on where you are putting the cabinet.

Use a medium sized handheld brush, and give it two to three coats if necessary on the exterior and interior but no more than three as you don't want it to become too thick which might give you trouble when drying. Also allow ample drying time in between coats.

Step 4: Finale

The grand finale, re install hardware (we gave ours a little shot of metallic spray paint), and doors.

We added in a small wine glass holding rack to the right side of the cabinet to give it a little extra storage. Put your own spin on it, you can add little details like vinyl stickers, monograms, or stencil something your love inside. Anything to make it unique and personalized to your home!

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    2 Discussions

    Beautiful job! I love that you used a different color for the outside and the inside. The lighter inside color makes it a lot easier to see inside too, I would imagine!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I wanted it to match my space on the outside, but reflect my inner spirit on the inside. A nice pop of one of my favorite colors! It definitely brightens up the interior both visually and spirtually :)