Up-cycled Card to Slate Box




Introduction: Up-cycled Card to Slate Box

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Take an old unwanted box.......
Take some slate offcuts.......
Create an awesome new box :)

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Step 1: Measure the Box

Measure all the sides of the box.......jot them down as you never remember them all :)

Step 2: Cut the Slate

Use a wet saw tile cutter to cut all the sides of the box

Step 3: Decorate the Inside

  • I used flock spray paint as it gives a nice finish and looks very cool
  • Spray all four sides and the underside of the lid, don't worry about the base....it will be covered up later on
  • Don't forget to spray the can upside down to clear the nossel once finished

Step 4: Cut Off Tabs

  • Use a craft knife or scissors to remove the three tabs
  • I should have done this before painting as it left a card edge showing....I just resprayed it

Step 5: Attach the Slate Base

  • Pre heat the slate in the oven, it only wants to be warm....... this dries the slate and helps the glue stick
  • Clean the slate with a tissue to remove dust
  • Add hotmelt glue
  • Stick in the base

Step 6: Reinforce the Lid Joint

Use duct tape to strengthen the lid joint

Step 7: Attach the Sides

Clean and glue on all the sides and top

Step 8: Use / Enjoy / Give

Done :)

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    Excellent!... I suppose you must be getting low on your slate stocks, or are you a tiler?
    I'm lucky that I live by the old slate quarries, (North Wales, UK)... I just never get around to making anything with the stuff!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I am many things, .............but mostly a teacher :) I have more slate in my back garden than I know what to do with! Slate is cool.....get making!