Up-cycled Ceiling Fan Blades




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Turn old ceiling fan blades into a whimsical long eared Easter bunny!

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Step 1: Up-cycled Ceiling Fan Blades

After removing the hardware from the blades and cleaning them, I sponged painted them with off white and gray chalk paint.

Step 2: Up-cycled Ceiling Fan Blades

I used one of the blades for the head, cheeks, and nose. I cut off part of it, and cut two hearts out of the rest for the cheeks and nose. I also cut a craft stick for the teeth and painted them white.

Step 3: Up-cycled Ceiling Fan Blades

I painted two wood plugs for the eyes, and cut and painted the inside of a couple of flowers for the eyelashes.

Step 4: Up-cycled Ceiling Fan Blades

After I glued all the face together, I screwed it down to the first two blades. Then I screwed on the last two blades.

Step 5: Up-cycled Ceiling Fan Blades

I sponged on a little pink paint in a few areas, and glued on whiskers made from floral wire, and painted on the black spots. I used a dollar store placemat for the hat. I glued it down in a few spots with glue squares until I started to hot glue on the rest of the decorations, then I secured it with hot glue.

Step 6: Up-cycled Ceiling Fan Blades

I glued on the raffia bow, carrots, moss and flowers. I'm new to instructables, so hope I did this right. :)

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