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Introduction: Up-cycled Shrimp Tank With Filter

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this is how to make a cool little tank for little shrimp or small fish it may not look to big but it holds around two gallons of water so its got some space. In this i will show two things one is how to build the tank from a old triangle tube from a kite i got at Costco and the second thing is how to make the air powered carbon filter to keep the tank clean

Step 1: Supplies for the Tank

now you get to go shopping or looking around in your basement looking for materials your choice i do a bit of both.

1. first and most important the tank i used a recycled triangle shaped clear tube from a kite but you can use anything clear that can be sealed at both ends but i will for conveniences refer to my container.

2.the two caps from the container.

3. Lepage stik n seal extreme repair glue its aquarium safe and should say that on the package.

4.sand paper

5.a cloth for drying.

Step 2: Assemble

use the sand paper to roughen the plastic where the glue will be sticking

use the clothe to clean the surface then apply the glue around the edge of the cap where the two peices meet making sure to get it around the whole surface to avoid leaks

Step 3: Filter Supplies

1.aquarium charcoal/carbon

2. small filter sponges

3.about 1 inch wide plastic tube

4.air pump

5.air valve and airline tubing.

Step 4: Filter Assembly

put a hole in the one end for the air line to be inserted. now place the materials in this order sponge carbon sponge. cut the sponge so it stays in the tube but easily allows air to flow through.

Step 5: Finish

cut two hole in the top of the tank at the triangle tip on each end and feed the airline in each end one for a bubblier and the other for the filter. add the gravel water and plants place the filter so both ends are under water but one end is raised higher than the other end let the water run fr a while add your shrimp or small fish and enjoy.

Step 6: Vote

please support me in the aquarium contest i am trying to get win the pond pump to cut back on costs of making a large aquaponic system this winter in my basement and the camera would help me bring better quality photos to my instructables. plus please feel free to comment on improvements i can make but please no hating thanks.

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