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Introduction: Up Cycled White Shirt

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I have about a billion white long sleeve shirts. So I figured, I should configure one! The white shirt I chose was too short on the torso and too tight in the sleeves. We're gonna fix that in a minute.

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You're gonna need:

-Sewing Machine


-Measuring Tape


-Pen/Fabric Marker

-Fabric of Your Choice

-Threads Matching Your Shirt and Fabric

Step 2: Cutting the Sleeves

Turn your shirt inside out.
You're going to measure your arm to see how long you want your sleeves. (Mine were 4 inches.) Make 1 inch seam allowance. Use your measuring tape to find the length and make a mark to remember where that is.

Step 3: Mark Your Cutting Line

Use your mark from the previous step as a guide. Now take your ruler and angle it how you would like your sleeve to be shaped and draw a line across.
Do the same for the back of the sleeve and on the other sleeve.

Step 4: Cutting

Cut your sleeves on the lines you made. (Cut open your sleeves on the line first, then cut the front and the back of the sleeve separately.)

Step 5: Pinning

Pin your sleeves at a 1 inch seam all the way around.

Step 6: Sewing the Seam

Sew the seam using the stitch shown. (If you don't have it, a running stitch will do fine.)

Step 7: Sleeves Are Done

Do the same thing for the other sleeve. This is how it should look.

Step 8: Measure the Bottom of the Shirt

Measure the bottom of your shirt. (Mine was 26 inches.)
Now put on the shirt and measure from the bottom of the shirt to where you would like the bottom to be.
Write down these measurements adding a 2 inch seam allowance for the width of the shirt and a 1 inch seam allowance for the length .

Step 9: Drawing It Out

Using your measurements, draw out a large rectangle on to your fabric. It should end up being 28" (Or whatever the circumference was plus 2") wide, and 7" (Or whatever your length was plus 1") long.

Step 10: Pinning

Pin at your 1" seam allowance on the bottom of your rectangle. (This should be the longest part.)
You don't need to pin the other long part of the rectangle because we won't be making a hem there.

Step 11: Sewing

Sew along the seam you pinned.

Step 12: More Pinning

Take your white shirt, which should still be inside out, and line it up with your rectangle. Make sure the wrong sides are facing out, and pin it as shown.

Step 13: Even More Sewing

Sew along the seam you just created, going all the way around. There is still a slit in your fabric, so pin it how you did with the shirt and the rectangle and sew that up as well.

Step 14: Wear It!

You've just up cycled your own shirt. Now go out and show off your creation!

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