Up Cycled Work Bench

Introduction: Up Cycled Work Bench

Step 1: Bench

This is my work bench I made sometime back the 2x4s for the frame are all boards from bundles of PVC pipe all the plywood for the shelfs were just left overs from other projects. The sign for the top just happened to be the same size & made its way on the top after the first year or so.

Step 2: Peg Board & Shelf

The peg board & shelf were made out of a do not enter wrong way set. To get all the holes in the sign I took a old piece of peg board & clamped to the sign propped it up on some scrap wood & went to town drilling! The sign-shelf I just simply bent to a 90deg bend over a steel table at work with some clamps. Hope you liked it sorry for no pics of the build!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work on the road sign peg board. That's a pretty good idea!