Up to $25 Each Month From Bing

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Yes you read that right!  $20 each month from Bing towards Amazon.com!  Read more to find out how!

Step 1: Setting Up Accounts

First you should go to here (bing.com/rewards) and set up an account through Microsoft or Facebook.  Once you have it set up, you should just start searching (up to 30 searches per day as of October 2013), you can get 15 points everyday, plus usually one to two extra points.

Now searching everyday for 30 random things can kind of suck... a lot especially when you could be doing other stuff.  So what I usually use is this (helpingsocial.com/bingrewards.html), but it seems to down right now so here is an alternative (pogocheats.net/bing-rewards-bot/).  This will let you click start and it will search automatically, I recommend at least 5 seconds in between searches because (depending on your internet connection) it takes Bing a while to register that you are searching something.

Step 2: Multiple Accounts

If you did the math (about 480 points per month if you did it every day for 30 days) you might have seen that an Amazon gift card is 525 points (425 if gold).  So that is only about $5 each month, which isn't very much.

So to fix that, you are allowed to make five accounts, so $5 per account is $25 per month for search stuff on the internet!  That $25 grows to $300 over one year of doing this, now of course your not going to do this everyday of your life (there are much better things to do) but its a nice little amount of cash to buy useless stuff like this USB pole dancer...

When your making the different accounts, use a Microsoft account, they are much easier to make than Facebook accounts.



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    12 months ago

    You should post about Bingger from Rogue Labs, its much better since it does everything not just searches to get points


    1 year ago

    I'm pretty sure this is hugely against the terms of service. I do not recommend doing this!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Check out my step-by-step guide on how to set this up for yourself here...