Upcycle Broken Chair

Introduction: Upcycle Broken Chair

In need of a step stool and always looking for ways to upcycle everything and anything, in less than 10 minutes, we converted a broken chair into a much-needed step stool for the basement/garage. Here's how we did it.

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Step 1: Loosen the Chair Back.

Removing the back of the chair required us to loosen 2 lag bolts. I used a 1/2" box wrench to loosen the bolts, then, using a battery-powered impact driver with a 1/2" socket, I easily removed the bolts. We used a rod and hammer to loosen and remove the 2 end spindles from the seat of the chair since we weren't able to pull them out.

Step 2: Remove the Back of the Chair.

Three cuts with a jig saw removed the inner spindles from the top of the chair back, and now all five of the spindles could easily be removed from the chair seat.

We removed the splintered remains of the spindles with the jig saw to create a smooth, clean, safe surface.

Step 3: Chair Before - Step Stool After

I'm happy to say that it took longer for me to write this Instructable than it did to do the work. By finding a way to reuse a broken chair, we now we have a sturdy step stool that will come in handy using it in the garage and basement, and it still works perfectly fine as a seat.

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