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Matirials :

all i used was scraps and imagination this is an idea for you guys! you can also use any of the Ideas this was made on the Fly no planing as always.

Step 1: Cut the Stuff.

cut the wood to size needed i used the old shelf. Cut it in to a shape you like .

On the lamp pole i did a groove so the cable can pass trough it .

Step 2: Holes

Do the holes for the Pole and the light switch.

Step 3: Trails for Cables

I used the Router to make the trails for the electronics !

Step 4: Shade

I used old negatives for the shade and make sure you give enough space for you cand to chage the light bulb !

The first one i made was round and failed to be able to change the light.

Step 5: Suport for the Cam

just used a screw that is able to mount the camera !

Step 6: Feet

Cut some scrap of wood to make the feet , make sure they are High enough.

Step 7: Finish

Paint with varnish and connect everithing, Look good and you done!!

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