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Introduction: Upcycle Produce Bag

I wanted a produce bag that would hold tall things like celery and zucchini when I went shopping so I made one out of an old plastic tablecloth and an old cotton vest I had on hand. You could use also an old raincoat and an old men's shirt. Use what you have or visit a thrift store, It helps to keep our landfills a bit cleaner. The produce bag is a quick easy project that can be used as a gift . Who wouldn't want a bag that is reversable so you could take it to the beach if needed. Make your bag the size you want. And add a pocket for keys or coin purse.

Step 1: Cutting Your Fabric

I used a cutting mat and rotary cutter to cut my fabric but you can use scissors as well. Measure out two pieces one for the inside bag(green plastic tablecloth), and one for the outside bag(old shirt or vest). I cut my pieces 13" by 28" for the produce bag. I also cut two pieces for the handles 6" by 23", and for the pockets I cut two pieces 6" by 10". That's all you need. If you are using cotton you may want to fray check the pocket edge , but nothing else because this bag is lined so it's not necessary.

Step 2: Pressing and Sewing

Press under 1/2" on each short end of your bag pieces, fold in half bringing short ends together with front sides facing and stitch up the sides of your bag using a 1/4" seam. Again you can use fray check on the cotton sides or pinking shears, but it isn't necessay. Do the same for the inside bag as well.

Fold handle fabric in half lengthwise and stitch along one short end and along the side, leaving one end open to turn. Turn inside out and press flat.

Step 3: Making Your Bag Stand Up

Open the corners of your bag on the wrong side so it makes a small triangle and stitch across. Do this for both bags. Now your bag has a flat bottom and is able to stand on it's own.

Step 4: Now You Have Two Bags

Now you should have two bags. An inside bag (green tablecloth) and an outside bag(cotton vest or shirt).

Step 5: Adding Pockets

Fold under 1/4" on short ends of pockets and press. Fold in half bringing front sides together and stitch up sides of pocket using 1/4" seam. Turn pocket right side out and press. I used a scrap of fabric that I had on hand for my pocket in a contrasting color. But you can use anything to make your pocket.

Step 6: Adding Your Pockets

Place your pocket on your bag where you would like it to be and pin in place. Stitch the pocket top first on the inside upper edge to your bag. Then reposition your needle and stitch along the three sides of your pocket. Do this for both bag pockets.

Step 7: Putting Your Bag Together

Turn your inside bag(green plastic tablecloth bag) inside out. Then put this bag into the outside bag (cotton vest or shirt bag) matching seams and pin around upper edge. Place the ends of your handles between the layers and pin in place. Then stitch around entire top edge of bag with a few extra stitch lines at the handles to reinforce them.

Step 8: Your Finished Produce Bag

You now have a completed produce bag. Great for over-ripe fruit or any leaks. Or turn it inside out and take it to the beach to keep things dry. Have Fun making your bag!

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