Upcycle Sweater Sleeves Into Boot Socks or Legwarmers



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Here's how to upcycle a sweater's sleeves into boot socks. I chose this sweater because the ruffles don't sit correctly on me when I wear it as a cardigan, but the sleeve ruffle will be great for the top of a boot sock.


Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

This is a project that needs few supplies. Gather:
1. The donor sweater
2. Coordinating thread
3. Seam ripper
4. Hand sewing needle
5. Straight pins or safety pins
6. Material of your choice for the soles of the socks ( I used small men's socks folded over.)

Step 2: Carefully Remove the Sleeves

Turn the sweater inside out and locate the seam where the sleeve is joined with the rest of the sweater. 
Take the seam ripper, and carefully use it to cut the seam open. Use care during this step, because one false move, and you get unraveling! 

Step 3: Try on the Sleeve

Try on the sleeve (soon to be sock) to see how it fits. This is also very important, because you need to see how the bottom (was the arm/shoulder seam area) suits your foot.
This is where you decide if you want to turn this into legwarmers, or socks. I decided to make socks.
****If you want to make legwarmers, fold over the bottom edge to make it even. Pin it. Turn it inside out, and adjust and repin it so that the folded-over part is on the inside. Sew it up and trim the edge as needed.*****

Step 4: Sew the Bottom (sole) Part Onto the Sock

Line up the material you plan to use for the sole.
I used my husband's short socks and folded them over after cutting the elastic cuff off.  
Pin the material so that the sole hole will be completely filled with the new material. 
Place a small drink bottle inside to make your hand-sewing easier.
Blanket sew around the outside (right side) of the sock.
Turn the sock inside out and repeat the process to make sure that you have a strong seam.

Step 5: Turn the Sock Right Side Out and Wear It!

Last step.... Turn the sock right side out and wear it.
Ah.... warm and stylish!



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