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Introduction: Upcycle Ur Stuff Upside Down Planter

About: Upcycle UR Stuff, just something Im doing to do my part in making a better future for everyone. I like to get ideas from other people ideas...

Well I needed to make a planter for my green beans, and after much research I got an idea from other people ideas. And then, I was thinking about how construct an upside down planter with what I had. And then, I realized I was staring at my Polar Pop cup and the light bulb went off... And then, this is what I came up with... And then, I made this instructable for everyone to try it... and then, and then, and then,

Upcycle UR Stuff, these cups are all over the place where I live, and if and when everyone throws them away, they take like forever to decompose. So this is another way we can Upcycle UR Stuff, and make something of what someone else might just consider trash

Thanks for looking, and thanks for the ideas...

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Step 1: Get a Cup, and Some Material

Here is what your going to need to complete this project.

  • Polar pop cup. its best to finish your drink first. and rinse the cup well...
  • Xacto knife
  • Plant... I used green beans
  • Plant dirt... I had some Scotts top soil
  • Napkins, (optional) you can get 100% recycled napkins from circle K while your there.
  • Balloon... I used 12" size
  • Something to make little holes, I used some tweezers
  • Something to hang the cups, I had some spare paracord
  • Scissors

Step 2: Do This First...

This step should be the first step you do... I got carried away making these and already had the plant and dirt in the cup, so I had to hold the cup in between legs, so as not to damage the plant..

  1. Use the tweezers or something to make 4 holes in the top thicker part of the cup. Evenly spaced, adjacent from each other. Holes should be big enough for whatever your using to hang the planter.
  2. Take one end of what your using to hang. I used paracord, and cut them 14" long,and melted the ends. Stick one end thru the hole, and tie a knot, then put the cord through the adjacent hole and tie a knot..
  3. Repeat step 2 for the other 2 holes.
  4. Pull the cord to make sure both cords are even when hung.

I used 2 pieces of cord, to spread the weight around the top of the cup.

Step 3: Now the Bottom Where the Plant Sticks Out...

  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup, this is where your plant will stick out and hang down.
  2. Take the balloon and cut the top off.
  3. Flip the cup upside and stretch the balloon over the bottom of the cup.

Be careful when putting on the balloon, I punched a hole in the cup the first time

Step 4: Add the Plant and Fill Dirt

The way I added the plant was, putting a small hole where the balloon covers the hole on the bottom of the cup. Then I took the tweezers, put them through the hole, and spread them apart. While holding them apart, I stuck my green bean plant through, VERY carefully. Then took out the tweezers so the balloon kinda held the plant. This was an idea I had to prevent dirt falling through, water drip if you over water, and so the plant had room to grow as the balloon would stretch as the plant grew.

For added protection, I took the 100% recycled napkins, and fit it carefully inside the cup, at the base, around the plant. This was to absorb the water to keep things moist and to prevent water drip.

Then I carefully added the top soil into the cup. After that I had some green onion seeds, and put them in the soil on the top. This way the green beans grow down, and the green onions grow up... making the most of the planter. This wasn't my idea, but I don't mind borrowing it. Thanks...

Step 5: Get to Hanging You New Planter

Once you add the fill dirt, add some water, and you are ready to hang your planter. I live in a condo, so I took some extra wood I had sitting around, and mounted it above the window. Then I drilled some holes through the wood large enough the put the paracord through. Then, I put the paracord through the hole and tied a knot. Finally, I tied the other end to the planter, this way they could get as much light as I could give them, and they were out of the way. Until I can figure a lighting situation.

Step 6: Enjoy!!!

Thanks for watching and hope you can help to make the world a better place by Upcycling UR Stuff.... you can also check my website for more info and other projects, and feel free to donate or see what's for sale. Thanks!!

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