Upcycle a 90's Skirt Into 50's Outfit





Introduction: Upcycle a 90's Skirt Into 50's Outfit

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I saw this skirt in a thrift shop and flipped out for the material: great print, nice lightweight cotton with a slightly stiff hand.  It had potential to be something I would love, so I took it home, refitted the waistband with interfacing, and hemmed 6" off the bottom.  That left me with a usable amount of material, so I headed back to the thrift store and stumbled upon the perfect plain khaki button-front shirt.  I took off the collar, replaced it with a new (and more dramatic) one made from my hem scraps, and chopped the sleeves to put the new cuffs at a flattering elbow level.  It's now a favorite outfit of mine, and it cost me less than $10, thread included.



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    While I agree it's not technically 'step-by-step' I think t his is both a clever and wonderful idea, and i am voting for this instructable :)

    Frankly, most people who already sew can make a cuff and collar out of scrap fabric and attach it to an existing piece. My single complaint is that I would have liked to see the original skirt before cutting.

    I love the buttons down the front too - great choice!

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    Thanks, Fluffydragon! Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the skirt beforehand, but it actually already had the fantastic wooden buttons. The only changes I made were to shorten it and reinforce the waist. I'm glad you like the concept!