Upcycle Cardboard Boxes Into Pet Steps





Introduction: Upcycle Cardboard Boxes Into Pet Steps

My rabbit really wanted to look out the window but she kept slipping off the window sill. I made her some steps so that she can look outside. These steps can be used anywhere in the house so that pets can easily access normally difficult to reach places.

Step 1: Collect and Stack

Collect six cardboard boxes. For this project I used old boxes of cat litter but the boxes can be any size that fits your needs. Stack the boxes to look like steps and use tape or glue to hold them together.

Step 2: No Slipping

My boxes were a bit slippery for my rabbit to use so I draped them with a bath towel. The towel can be taped in place or just draped as long as all use of the steps is with supervision. Shashi is ready to try them out!

Step 3: Finished Project

Shashi, my rabbit, loved the steps and loved being able to look out the window with her friend, Andora the cat.



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    3 Discussions

    Thanks, I voted for you; always looking for an easier way for my 14 pound dog up to the bed...8-) Milk crates...too.

    Nice way to reuse those cat litter boxes, it is so cute to see your cat and bunny together.

    Your cat and your rabbit hang out? That's pretty cute! I hope we see more from you on Instructables in the future! Good luck in the contest!