Upcycle Curtains




So i needed some curtains and for reasons I am not at liberty to recall I found myself in possession of several hospital blankets. This followed.

Step 1: First Method.

At first the solution seemed simple. Grab ye olde dental floss, a sewing needle and get to stitching. Well I'm not real patient and this was real slow. Another answer was needed.

Step 2: Hey Look I'm Outta Focus.

Zip ties, like duct tape without the sticky bit.

Here's the trick; poke a zip tie through the blanket and close it around the curtain rod, don't pull it too tight. Repeat as many times as needed. Make sure to line them all up the same way, it is also helpful if they are the same or nearly the same color as the blanket.

Step 3: Snipity Do Dah

Cut the tails off of the zip ties. This way your curtains will look much neater. I am stupid. you can tell cuz I lost the pictures for this step.

Step 4: Hang Dem Curtains

Take your new blanket/curtains on a rod and hang them up. See how much happier your windows are?



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