Upcycle Infant Socks Into Barbie Dresses (no Sew)

Introduction: Upcycle Infant Socks Into Barbie Dresses (no Sew)

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This project is simple and free (or very cheap). Gather your infant's cute socks, maybe ones you lost the partner to or pick up some socks at the local second hand store. Its been difficult for me to find clothes that fit the older Barbie doll since Mattel changed the body shape do ice had to get creative if I don't want to spend too much. I also don't own a sewing machine and haven't wanted to expend the energy to hand sew.

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Step 1: Materials

All you need are;
· Infant size socks, you can use newborn to 6 months. socks vary so pick ones that will fit snug on your Barbie.
· Scissors (preferably for fabric)
· Ribbon

Step 2: Cut

Push the toe together and cut most of the tip. Don't take too much off and some socks have seams right at the tip of the toe, which is awesome and even easier.
If the seam is at the tip of the toe, turn the sick inside out and snip the seam (white sock is just like I described)

Step 3: Slide the Dress On

Now you have the simple dress, you can end here if you'd like our add a ribbon. Tuck the seam if you want the bottom to look even.

Step 4: Add Ribbon

I picked two different sizes of ribbon, some socks have a pronounced heel so I used a 5/8 thickness (pink). With my straight sock sonic was newborn size, I used 1/8 thickness.
I ticked the heel under the ribbon and tired a bow then cut it to my liking.

Step 5: Play!

I love Barbie (add you can see I love her friends the most lol) and I'm glad my little one enjoys playing too. These clothes are ready for a great lunch and cake party!

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3 Discussions


4 years ago

This is an excellent idea, I've been trying to find a idea to reclothed my very old vintage barbies so I can sell them instead of selling them naked like some people do online I am happy I stumbled onto your idea as I was about to either make or buy vintage barbie clothes now if I can find a black and white sock I am in business with my search for clothes for barbie


5 years ago

used to do this when my daughter was little