Upcycled Canvas Grocery Bag




Introduction: Upcycled Canvas Grocery Bag

Repurpose your old canvas bags into new grocery bags.

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Step 1: Materials

Canvas bag
Scrap material
Old t-shirts with words on them
Graphics, or emblems from old clothes
Fusible webbing

TIP: Baby clothes have good emblems on them

Step 2: Bag Deconstruction

Turn bag inside-out, iron, and cut off the side hems.

Step 3: Replacing the Logo

Turn the bag right-side out, and measure how large your scrap fabric will need to be.

Cut out the correct size, and iron a hem along the top and bottom. Sew along the hems.

Cover the back of the scrap fabric with fusible webbing, and iron over the old the logo.

Cut out sections from an old t-shirt containing letters. Cover the back with sticky-back fusible webbing, and cut out each letter.

Cover the back of an emblem with fusible web.

Iron letters and emblem on to the scrap fabric.

Step 4: Sewing

Sew over the hems of the backing after fusing to the bag.

Sew around the edge of the emblem with a zig-zag, or other strong stitch.

Turn bag inside-out, pin, and re-sew along the sides.

Fold the bottom corners toward the middle of the bottom edge. (It should look like a triangle.) Sew across the base of the triangle.

Iron a seam along each side of the bottom of the bag.

Sew along the ironed lines. This will give you a rectangle base, instead of a single fold.

Step 5: Finish

Cut off loose strings, turn right-side out, and go shopping.

(Because the emblem was so dark on the Meat Bag, I left the bag inside-out, and sewed the new emblem over it. The old logo is now on the inside of the bag. The top hem was done well enough that you can't tell it's inside out.)

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