Upcycled Chopping Board

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Intro: Upcycled Chopping Board

I was clearing out my games cupboard and I found some of my old wooden board games. They were far to good to throw away so I decided I would make a chopping board from the wood.

Step 1: Sanding

First you need to sand all of the paint off the board. Then make sure its flat. I used mainly a power sander and then used sandpaper to finish sanding. But you can use just sandpaper but it might take longer.

Step 2: Finished

I have done some research on how to finish the chopping board. There are lots of different finishes you can use. I used a little bit of mineral oil. You have to make sure that the finish food safe. You could use butchers block oil, mineral oil, worktop oil, pure bees wax, tung oil. Then just rub it on.

Step 3: Done!

Now you can chop away. This was just a quick adaption. I hope you enjoyed reading :)



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