Upcycled Flower Glass Vase Tutorial


There are so many old mason jars in my house. After searching a lot for many upcycled DIY projects, i think i can only handle this one.

Fun of hands on jobs is about giving life and soul to things that are simple, whether it's an old things.

You could paint the bottles into different colors if you want. And different specifications of ropes to transform it. Let's get start.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Glass bottles
Hem rope

Hot glue gun

Hot glue

Cotton swab


Lace Trims (Not so necessary)

Step 2: Fix the Rope on the Bottle

After the glue gun is energized and the glue is melted, fix one end of the twine with hot glue to a suitable position on the bottle. Check whether the rope is firmly fixed to the bottle. It plays a important role on the looks of the vase. Make sure it is not so loose.

Step 3: Wrapping the Rope

Now you can wrap the hem rope, try to wrap it as tightly as you can. If it is too loose, appearance will deviate from the original shape. Do not leave any gaps between any circles of the rope. Keep wrapping until you think it is well or the rope part is just what you want.

Step 4: Knot the Rope

Knot the rope after you have finished wrapping. Fix the knot to the bottle as the starting step by glue gun. Now you can check this handmade glass vase. Put your flowers into this vase. Now are you interested in making a new upcycling glass bottle projects now ?

Share with me your projects ! I am not so good at English, if you have any ideas on this projects or helping me out with some grammatical or spelling errors. Please leave me a comment.



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