Upcycled Hoop Earrings



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Take old dollar store hoops and make them look like they cost hundreds of dollars. With old ugly hoops and an old broken stretchy tennis bracelet and a little wire.

Step 1: Get You Materials

You are going to need
· old ugly hoop earrings
· broken stretchy tennis bracelet
· thin wire (i used the thin wire wrapped around guitar strings)
· super glue (optional)

Step 2: Start Wrapping

take the broken bracelet and line it up with the beginning of the post,and take the wire and wrap the wire around the bracelet and earring (its best if you wrap the wire around twice) in between the rhinestones and do that until you get to the end of the earring, and add dots of super glue under the last and first rhinestone to make it secure (optional) and your done its that easy

Step 3:



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