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Introduction: Upcycled Jean Purse

The purse was created from one half of the top of the jeans that were used for the Garden Jean Cap previously posted.  I cut the pocket from the other half to sew as an inside pouch on the edges of the inside of the zipper that was left in.  This allows you to put things in the purse through the zipper so they can't fall out.  The main body of the purse is just drawstrung shut with a belt placed through the belt tabs.  The second and third pictures are of the other side of the jean top you are not using as the purse, but cutting out the inside pocket to use on the larger side with the zipper.
Once I cut the pocket out, I stitched up the edges to just leave enough of the opening to sew in place on either side inside the zipper.

Step 1: Sewing in the Pocket Pouch

Before sewing in the pocket pouch, button the fly, but keep the zipper open so it is easier to stitch at least the first side.  The fourth picture shows blue arrows on the areas you will be stitching each side of the pocket inside the zipper. 
I only opened the zipper back up to show the first side of the stitching better.  When you go to sew the other side, be sure to stitch up the button hole area to reinforce it.  After you have inserted and stitched that pocket in place, be sure to check for any holes.  I found one little one to sew shut to be sure nothing will be falling out of that zipper pocket when in use.

The last photo shows inside the zipper pocket.

Step 2: Finish Sewing Up Seams

After the pocket is sewn in, fold up the bottom edge and hand stitch.  Then hand stitch the remaining side from the zipper area down.
Other then sewing on that additional pocket, this purse takes no time at all to make.  The purse has two pockets on the outside to slip things in, and if you didn't care about the zipper pocket, you could choose to stitch up the top and only use the zipper to access the inside of the purse.
You may want to add any kind of photos or art for fun or to give the purse a particular theme.

Have fun creating!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I particularly like the zippered pocket.