Upcycled Mirror With Clock



Just a quick, simple one.

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Step 1: We Paid 20€ for Large, White Sun Mirror With Broken Centre Part. Found a Plastic -framed Replacement One for a Fiver.

remove mirror from plastic , stick with suitable glue over broken one.
replace any missing tiles, paint background if necessary

Step 2: Add Clock (cost a Fiver)

find centre
allow for drop of hook
apply self adhesive hook to mirror

Step 3: Add Numbers

My wall clock kit came with a guide to follow to find 12,3,6,9
so stick in place, as desired.

Step 4: Repeat for As Many Mirrors As You Have

find tiles to fit, glue and grout. paint with emulsion type paint, wipe off (rub with microfibre cloth)once dry.
add bling to taste.

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