Upcycled Paper Beads

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i turned TRASH to TREASURE.


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Step 1: The Supply List

old adverts


paper cutter. can be scissors. i have a rotary cutter that i use for paper only

glue stick


clear coat. brush on or spray

jewelry findings

Step 2: Cut It Out

use this cheat sheet i provide to cut out bead parts. (some are more than one part)

in this pic i have the parts seperated.

Step 3: Trim and Wrap

by trim, i mean trim the bead in black (or whatever color you like)

Step 4: Use Clear Coat

Step 5: Dry

i just laid the finished beads next to their name. you can see i made each one.or two or even three.

now you can use your findings to complete your jewelry.

Step 6: Up Close

pics of my completed 3 necklaces and 1 bracelet.

thanks for viewing.

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