Upcycled Paper Slim Wallet (Solid Design Without Adhesive or Stitching)




Introduction: Upcycled Paper Slim Wallet (Solid Design Without Adhesive or Stitching)

About: Make a wallet for your pocket and the planet. Because sometimes big change starts with the smallest thing.

I know there're plenty of minimalist wallets out there but to find one that suits your lifestyle is pretty hard. I also didn't want to spend much on it, so started making one myself using paper.

Here's how to make a wallet for your pocket and the planet.
You could use anything like notepad covers, magazine covers, or cardboard.
Enjoy minimalism in its form as well as environmental impact.

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Step 1: Supplies

You'll need

1. A sheet of paper to make a wallet out of (Minimum 140mm x 172mm (5.6inches x 6.8inches) / preferably durable material)

2. An elastic band

3. A utility knife (with a cutting mat)

4. A Pen

5. A ruler

6. A sheet of A4 paper to make the pattern

7. A printer

Step 2: Print Out the Template and Cut the Pattern.

Download the free template here and print it out.

Adjust the length of the pattern to fit the size of your bills, if needed.

You could print the pattern directly on it if you choose a printable material.

TIP: Make sure you're printing it in actual size. Some printers adjust the size automatically to fit the paper and make it smaller.

Step 3: Cut Out the Material You Choose Using the Pattern.

Step 4: Make V-folds Along the Dotted Lines in the Template.

TIP: Drawing lines using the back side of the blade makes it easier to make V-folds.

Step 5: Round Off the Corners (optional)

It just makes easier taking it in and out of your pocket.

Step 6: Put Cash and Cards in It and Fasten Them With an Elastic Band.

Carrying cash and cards with ease is a wallet's essential job, right? No need to fold bills in three, unlike other minimalist wallets.

I prefer "Mobilon Band" which is thinner and more durable than common elastic bands, but use whatever you like as long as it does the job.

Step 7: Enjoy!

That's it. Yes, as simple as that. But it's fully functional and durable for my daily use.

Sometimes, big change starts with the smallest thing.

I hope it helps you simplify your life. Thanks!

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    4 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago on Step 7

    Hello, the link for the template takes me to a website to purchase a Kamino wallet.


    2 years ago

    Awesome.. Thanks for sharing.


    2 years ago

    I wish my wallet would sit that flat, but it usually has a lot of forgotten receipts in it. ^.^;