Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame!




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Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame!

This frame is visually stunning with lots of texture and pops of color!

However...it's menace runs deeper.

It was the most tedious and time consuming project

I've ever wrangled my kids into doing.

It all started like this.

I had been planning this craft for a while...and my husband was out of town,

so it seemed like a good time to catch up on projects.

My nearly 12 year old son said "hey mom, can I play Diablo?"

and I said "Yes, but help me with this project first".

Famous last words.

I similarly convinced my 10 year old daughter to play along as well...

so we had the whole crafty family working together.

Minus the 5 year old who was in and out and playing his heart out. (lucky devil)

We begun this escapade at 4:02 pm...

and finished with the last shutter click at 8:49 pm.

Completely SKIPPING dinner!

No worries, we had Marshmallow Mateys at 9:00 pm.

(Note: I would not do this again)

But we made it through all of:

Barbie the Island Princess



and part way into Wreck it Ralph.

for this:

Step 1: Supplies List!

You will need:


(It's a great way to recycle old magazines, paper the kids brought home from school...or junk mail!
We also added some Astrobrights Paper in there for some bright pops of color.)

Wooden frame

(upcycle one you have on hand, or get one to refinish at the craft store..my advice: think small!)

Paper cutter

(you could use scissors...but that would make this project suck even more)

Tape roller

(you could use glue...but that would make this project suck even more)

Either a quilling tool or a toothpick

(just something to roll the paper around)

Hot glue/gun

Paint/spray paint for the frame

Time....lots of it.

and movies to play in the background...or an audio book!

Step 2:

Let's begin...right...like I've totally convinced you to make your own!!!

I used the paper cutter to cut half inch strips.

Cut magazines and Astrobrights paper!

Now, fold all those strips in half.
fun, right?

We used quilling tools to get the rolling started and then
mostly switched to just finger rolling.

Alternating magazine strips and paper strips.
Using the tape gun to tape on additional strips...and finally taping the strip to

itself once we were satisfied with the size of the coil.

Over and over and over again!

Step 3: Rocking It!

At this point...the point of no return...maybe an hour into the process...
we thought we were rocking it!

They looked great and we were cranking them out!

And then I put them on the spray painted frame...ouch.
This was going to take forever to fill that sucka up!

Don't give up! Maybe this would be fun for a family reunion!
Everyone could sit around and roll and chat...many hands make light work!

My daughter got tired of rolling, so she switched to just folding the strips...
that made it easy for me to roll and use the already folded strips...you

just have to make the most efficient system.

Half way! Onto another movie!

Step 4: Hot Glue Coils to Frame!

I decided to hot glue them in place as we worked...no chance that the tape
on those things would give up and unroll!

Plus it gave us measurable progress!

We spent the last bit of time making tiny little rolls to fit in the gaps.
But we wanted some of the teal paint peeking through

and were just plain sick of it anyway!

Amazing right?!!!
Totally worth the time...right?!!

I really do love the frame!
Haven't thought of what to put in it yet...what could possibly merit all that time?

Maybe a wedding picture? Maybe a diamond!

Step 5: Admire and Wonder.

It does look super cool.
And the kids were proud of their accomplishment!

It was like the marathon of crafting!

We probably should have just painted it and decorated it
like my daughter did with this frame for me for Mother's day!

So what do YOU think?????
Was it worth it!????

Would you ever try this????

Thanks for checking this out!

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My kids will totally appreciate it!

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    46 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Gorgeous! Must try! I think it would work well to frame a mirror!


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Your description cracked me up! I too have made the seemingly easy peasy project that turned out to have been invented by the devil himself! Mine was yarn wrapping a wreath & it was also turquoise & it also involved some recycling & it also seemed like it was never going to end & I will also never ever do that again! Thanks for the laughs & fair warning I have already rolled up a bunch of paper tubes from magazines that I've been thinking of coiling up like yours but I may re-think that now! :D :D :D


    3 years ago

    Beautiful !


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Although I can see how tedious this is, I'm totally doing it. We'll
    break it up over several evenings, as it will keep our hands busy while
    watching Chopped (my 7yr old's fav show) AND it will curb the desire to raid the fridge & pantry for odd snack ingredients!
    (Food Network at night = serious snack attacks) I'm thinking we'll have
    several beautiful hand-made frames to give to the family by Christmas,
    and hopefully I'll be a few pounds lighter too. Lol!

    My only concern is that the rolls will unravel while in wait...I feel like our approach would require some pretty strong adhesive to keep them together. Anyone have suggestions?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is adorable and a must-have for my dorm room! Also, I love the idea of the recycled paper--makes me feel so eco-friendly! But, did you use scissors for all of that? I feel like my hand would die. I was thinking about using a paper cutter, something like one of these http://www.monomachines.com/shop/paper-handling-eq... to make it easier and faster.

    Idea is so cute! Thanks for a great instructable.


    4 years ago

    Definitely worth it!!

    Beautiful rolls!! love the pic frame...I have all that i need to do this project....now to find the time. thanks for the instructions.


    4 years ago

    I'm going to try and make one of these and I have an acrylic drill (manicure one) I will try using that as the blank head is slotted like a quill tool


    5 years ago

    That looks great I would love to try this!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I totally understand LOL. My daughter and I made a few projects like this when I was visiting her. We watched Netflix! Well worth the effort though; the frame is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.


    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Sunshiine! Yes, it is fun family bonding time. We had lots of time to talk and communicate with each other...not just dedicated screen time. I love multi-tasking...my poor kids are going to have a hard time ever just sitting and watching a movie! Haha! :)

    Wow! love the frame, especially the colors! You guys have done a wonderful work! This is totally on my to-do list ^_^ will vote for sure as soon as it gets accepted :)

    1 reply

    5 years ago

    i'm definetly doing this!i love those things where you sometimes just want to throw it at the wall ^^

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Haha--yep! Sometimes I don't know why we put ourselves through projects like this. But my kids are so proud of it...they worked hard and want to show off their accomplishments. Glad we made it through! :)