Upcycled Side Table



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When I visited my local Habitat For Humanity Restore, I found this nice little table. The veneer on the top was peeling off a bit, but the table itself wasn't damaged or chipped. So for $5, I picked it up and decided to give it new life. While you probably won't find the exact table that I used, you can use the same techniques that I used for just about any other similar project.

Step 1: Materials and Prep

This is a super easy project, all you really need is your table/furniture object, one or two spray paint colours, and some medium to fine sandpaper (not pictured). First thing you need to do is sand any rough spots. For mine, I only needed to sand the top.

Step 2: Getting Ready to Paint

Take apart the pieces if you can. If they don't come apart, you will have to tape off the pieces you don't want to paint. For this table, I am painting the top and the legs a light peach colour, and the stem piece is going to be white. I separated the pieces and now I'm ready to paint!

Step 3: Painting

Prop the pieces up and gently sweep the paint can back and forth, keeping it about a foot away fro the piece you are painting. Follow the directions on the paint can and do another few coats.

Step 4: Finished!

Let the paint dry at least 24 hours, although I prefer leaving it a bit longer, just to be safe. Now put the pieces back together, and there you go! You have a very simple upcycled piece of furniture! It probably costs about $15 in supplies, which you may be able to use again on a different project.



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