Upcycled Summer Sandals



Sandals made from plastic bags, laundry detergent bottle, cardboard, and fabric.

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Step 1: Obtain Any Plastic Wrapping

Cut up the plastic into long strips.

Step 2: Braid

Get three strips of plastics and braid. Make sure to tie one end to start from and tie when your done.

Step 3: Foot Shape

Cut out the size and shape of the sandal.

Step 4: Fabric

Cover cardboard with any fabric laying around.

Step 5: Burning Edges

Now take the braids and poke three holes into the cardboard and hard plastic bottom. Make sure to burn the edges of the plastic braids so they stay together.

Step 6: Glue

Using fabric glue, glue together the two pieces.

Step 7: Tie

Tie the plastic braids from the bottom and carefully burn the excess plastic starting from the top. The fire will melt the plastic and this is what we want because we can then pinch and press it down to make it flat. We want the ends to be flat in order to walk.

Step 8: Finished!

Once everything is dry, the sandals are ready to go! You can wear them right away and enjoy your summer time!

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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Nice idea, I'm in need of a pair.

    But since I'm not really into plastic I think I would use fabric (recycled T-shirt yarn) for the strings that go in between your toes and maybe multiplex for the soles?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Great idea! You can use any material you need. Let me know how it went :)