Upcycled Wire Tool Organizer

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Here's a handy tool organizer made from discarded fencing wire and a wirerack from an old fridge.
All you need is some fencing wire and a rack from an oven or a fridge.
A DIWire CNC wire-bending machine from Pensa Labs would be useful here, but failing that just use pliers like I did.

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Step 1: Make Some Wire Hooks.

The hooks are made to hang from the wire rack.
To hangar a hammer we need a double hook. Other tools only require a single hook.
Using pliers bend the wire to follow the pattern in the pictures.
I have designed the hooks each be supported at two points to stop them twisting. These two support points are tight enough to grip the wire rack.
The wire "U" between the two support points has a little bend to hook over one of the rack wires in order to lock the hook in place. This is a little difficult to describe so just look at the pictures.

Step 2: Installation

The wire rack needs to be attached to a wall. I just used screws for this.
The hooks can be arranged to suit the tools you want to hang on them.
See the pictures to see how the hooks clip onto the rack.

I hope you liked my simple Instructable. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. And don't forget to vote for this in the Metal Contest.

Thanks for Looking.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I did something similar-ish in my in my old shop, I took a piece of welded wire fencing, attached it to some cleats and screwed it to the wall. I found that most tools; pliers, claw hammers, tape measures, etc; fit well in the welded wire. I can't believe I didn't think abut making hooks to hang other stuff on it haha.