Upcycled, Reused and Recycled Glowing Clock.



Introduction: Upcycled, Reused and Recycled Glowing Clock.

This clock has had a facelift and has been transformed into a glowing wall clock.. The clock and plastic coke glasses were en-route to the landfill. I have cut the glasses in half lenght ways useing a tile saw but you dont need to.The face lift is up to you,  I made a stencil for the clock face ( a local restaurant's logo which is where all of above came from.) All electric components are EL issue.

Step 1: Whats Needed.

Clock, needs a side lip (to attach glasses to.)
12  plastic drinking glasses or 6 if you wish to cut in half. (i will not be instructing this)
Lamp wire, 2 colours would make it easier.
12,1/8 IP Steel Running Thread lamp nipples, 1" lenght.
24, 1/8" nexnuts, 24 washers for lamp nipple.
12 chandelire base sockets.
2 x lamp wire plugs.
1 power cord with on/off switch and plug
Electric tape.
12 night lite bulbs.

 Equipment to do the job.
Drill with  1/8 " drill bit.
screw driver.
lamp wire stripper or scissors

Step 2: Drill Holes in the Middle of Glasses.

Find center on the bottom (most plastic glasses have a mark ) drill hole.
Please note that this glass has been cut in half so the hole is not in the center.

Step 3: Hole to Attache Glass to Clock

Mark hole under each number on side of clock and drill hole.

Step 4: Wire Light Bulb Socket

Cut 12 x 3" to 6" of EL wire. Strip each end. Make a Mark with a marker pen on one of the wires (make sure its the same wire on all of the socket wires). Screw wire to socket and wrap El tape around socket. Make sure you attach all  the wire's the same way on all sockets. 

Step 5: Attached Glass to Clock Frame.

Screw socket to nipple, add washer  then thread nipple through glass and clock frame. Add washer and secure with hex nut. 

Step 6: Wire Up.

You have 2 different wires (male and female or black and white) Start to join all males together ( twist ends together)  from No 7 to No 8 then No 8 to No 9 and so on. Till No 6.You may need some extra long pices of wire to add lenght for joining these wires together. When all are joined together do the other wire.  You should have 2 loose wires at No 6 .Attach the power cord (with the plug on.)  Secure with the wire plugs and tape all joints.

Step 7: Clock Face

Clock face has had a face lift. Its up to you. Secure clcock face back to clock frame.

Step 8: Let There Be Light!

Screw lightbulbs in, hang on wall, plug in and let there be light!

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