Upcycling & Carving Abalone Shell Into Jewelry and Gris Gris

Introduction: Upcycling & Carving Abalone Shell Into Jewelry and Gris Gris

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Take a random piece of abalone shell and turn it into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Grab a grinding wheel, a dremel and make something wondrous for someone you love.

Step 1: Raw Shell, Materials, Tools & Process

Be Sure to wear a good respirator & safety glasses when working with grinding shell, stone, glass or wood.
Be kind to your eyes, hands & lungs..always!

Sea Shell

Grinding & Buffing Wheel

(olive oil to polish & bless your gris gris)

1. Use your bench grinder & dremel with diamond or carbide bits to shape your raw piece of shell into a desired shape... abstract, ornate, simple. Anything you like!

Gentle kisses with the wheel go a long way when it comes to shaping abalone.

Whatever accentuates the natural beauty of the shell typically influences my little gris gris carvings

2. You can use the corner of the wheel for quick shaping. But watch your fingers!

3. Then use the buffing wheel. (polish if you have compound).

4. Then rub with olive oil.
Wipe off excess oil.
Let dry in the Sun...

And Enjoy or give to someone who could use a lift or random act of kindness!!!

Step 2: ENJOY!!!

Enjoy or give to someone amazing in your life!

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    Luminous Wonder
    Luminous Wonder

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank You! Will be posting more soon... Love your Peach Cobbler ible by the way!