Upcycling Clothing Rack From Old Window Frame and Sticks




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I was asked to join an upcycling project and I wanted to share the images with you. The instructions are also really easy and everybody can do something like this or many variations.

So the idea was to create something from trash and old pieces we found on the street or in garages... and the idea was to build a clothing rack from an old windowframe and some broken sticks we found in the park around the corner.

I brought everything else to give it a nice finish: bits of leather, Acrylic paint & brushes, sandpaper but you can use any other material you like (paint, fabric, thread, rope, glitter, ...)

Step 1: Preparation

You need to prepare before you can start: so make sure the sicks are thick enough, because it should be stong enough to hold a hoat or a hat or an bag.

put some newspaper in the area you want to work, because it will be a mess after sanding off the frame and the sticks.

Make sure you have some tools to cut and clip the twigs.

Step 2: Whole Instruction in 6 Steps

In this tutorial you can already see the full instructions. really easy!

  • Basically you need to clean up the frame and the sticks,
  • Cut the sticks into the size of the windowframe
  • Place them the way you want them and paint them the way you want them to be
  • Drill them into the frame
  • Give it the last finish with rope, paint, fabric or any other material

Et Voilà!

Step 3: Final Look

If you like the chabby chic look, you can just leave it raw, or if you want it to be a bit more producty, just dip the whole hanger in paint and let it dry over night.....this can also look really interesting and modern!

There are many ways to give it a great finish.


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    3 years ago

    WOW. Beautiful as art and functional rack. Also, awesome wallpaper!

    Razor 911

    3 years ago

    great idea nice work