Upcycling Crown Caps - Making a Handbag




Introduction: Upcycling Crown Caps - Making a Handbag

About: Student of Architecture in Dresden, Germany. Always look on the bright side of life!

Hello Everybody!
So finally I made it. I have been a member of Instructables since some years ago I had visited this awesome website. Now I thought it is time to show up what I make. About me: I am studiing Architecture in Dresden Germany. I hope you will excuse all mistakes made in my text, according to my improvable English.
I am not shure, if I am able to upload a step-by-step because I have not documented the process. But I can write something about it.
Everybody knows crown caps. At the latest since you drink your first beer. Now normally, you just throw them into a bin, because they are part of the wrapping, so what else to do with it. When I was younger, I collected crown caps. I had a lot of different ones, all colored and for me at this time somehow valuable and unique. I stopped collecting since I owned my first coins. It returned somehow, when a new drink named Bionade came up, that I started collecting again. Due to the effect that Bionade is refreshing, the crown caps have a unique design. But, still the question what to do with it. I came up with the idea, to build a purse made out of crown caps for my girlfriend. Well, love failed and I never finished the project, so the handhold is still missing, but it can be also used without it. Anyway, there have been people before me, who built purses made out of crown caps. I did not like them. They were often just made to say: "Hey, I am made out of crown caps!", but that wasn't cool enough for me. If you want to create something you always have to think about design. The crown caps needed to be embed into a context, like a good painting needs a picture frame. The Bionade crown caps I worked with reminded me of what we would call 70'ies design culture. Pop! So I tried to put the crown caps into this context. I used flexible steel wire, Bionade crown caps, two halfs of a hollow metal ball. For the Inside I used black Ultrasuede. If you need or want more informations, just contact me and I will help you building your own bag.
I hope you like it. It should be also presenting a way of lifestyle. Sustainable Design, Recycling or Upcycling are terms and definitions we have to face more and more, if we want to create and hold on to the wishes and hopes of a well future for our beloved kids on our beautiful planet earth.

There's always a first time;-)

Thank you very much!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you scoochmaroo! Good questions! I first drilled eight hole in each cap, two in each cardinal direction. Then I cut the wire in two different length, depending on how many caps you want in a row, so you have to think about the actual size of your new bag. You need a lot of those wire. And it is better to cut them too long, because you need to attach them later on to the metal ball halfs. So now you have to draw the caps on to the wire. It will get something like a meshwork or netting (this is what my dictionary says;-)). You will also need wire rope clips. They are important to fix the caps in the netting and to attach them to the metal ball halfs. You will not see them later on, because they are hidden on the inside of the caps and metal ball halfs. I will add a Photo, so it is easier to understand. For the ultrasuede inside I went to work with a sewer. She showed me how to sew it. It is not attached to the outside, so you can take it out and wash it. About the handles: I thought about a long black car seat belt, so you can hang it over your shoulder and it will hang around the hips. Or a short one, made out of clear PVC. Anyway, I would prefer one handle from the left to the right, instead of two on each side, which would also fit. But I won't wear it;-).


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for sharing your story and first Instructable! I'd love to know more about how you assembled all of the materials. How did you attach the caps the the wire and ultrasuede, and how did you secure the ends of the metal ball? What had you been planning to use for handles?