Upcycling Indoor Lamp to Outdoor Lamp

Find an indoor lamp you like that would convert to outdoor use. i.e. waterproof materials

Use an object that you like for a shade that can with stand the weather. i.e. Plastic, wood, etc. I used a plastic bowl from the dollar tree and a ceramic boot from the Goodwill.

For the light, use a solar powered light. I used one from the dollar tree that would give a small ambient light.

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Step 1: Krylon Glass Spray for Diffusing the Light

Krylon glass spray on the bowl helped to frost the glass and diffuse the light. Don't spray the top of the bowl so that the solar light can charge.

Step 2: Putting It All Together...

I used decals printed of the printer to give the lamp some detail. The boot was painted to make it stand out more. The outdoor light slide over the indoor lamps metal shade holder. The bowl was held in place with foam that was glued into place. The foam fits tightly around the light but no to tight so that the light can be changed regularly,

Step 3: Adding in Decoration...

I added an L for decoration. (My sisters last name initial, this was a gift)

Step 4: Dressing the Lamp Up...

Beads from Hobby lobby added to dress it up. Hot glue was used for this purpose.

Step 5: The Final Product on the Porch It Was Intended for and It Looks Great!

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Step 6:

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    2 years ago

    That reminds me of the movie Christmas Story.


    2 years ago

    Cute way to reuse materials :)