Upcycling Old and Unused Corkboards

Introduction: Upcycling Old and Unused Corkboards

For this upcycling project I decided to turn some old and unused corkboards my brother was supposed to use when he went to college 3 years ago but he left them at home and they were never used.My mother was going to throw them away a while back and I told her that I may need them for when i head to college.So instead i decided id turned them into 4 little bulletin boards.This works out perfectly because I am a hoarder and I stockpile loads of notes and items ive gathered over the years.Most of these things usuall have sentimental value even though others see it as trash.

Anyways on to the project!

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Step 1: Get the Materials Needed

The materials I used were:
Poster board leftovers
Duck tape
Thumbtacks & Pushpins
Items & things to put on my board

Step 2: Adding the Backing

I decided to add a backing to my boards since they were out in the harsh weather so they accumulated cork dust.This made it hard to just hang up and caused a mess.So the backing was just some leftover poster board I had and it made hanging easier.All I did was duck tape to the cutout poster board and then taped it onto the board.

Step 3: Hanging It Up

After I taped the backing,all I did was hang them up.I chose to have them up like I did because it looked better than having them all pushed together.

Step 4: Adding Things!

After I hung them up I added things to it! I added things that meant a lot to me and things that represent me.I feel like this gives my room some uniqueness and some style too! :)

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