Upcycling Skateboard Clock DIY

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Materials & tools:

Old skateboard deck, clockwork, screws, stichsaw or jigsaw, tape, permanent marker, drilling machine, wire, paper, abrasive paper, 8mm drill, glue,

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Step 1: First Steps

Wrap one side of the skateboard deck with tape and place the clockwork on it. Mark the space for the clockwork on it. Make a paper template for the head, bones and the eyes and transfer it to the skateboard. You need 12 bones for the clock.

Step 2: To Prepare

Saw all parts out and smooth the edges with sandpaper. Mark the hole for the axis of the clockwork and drill it with and 8mm driller. Wrap the head with tape and draw marker lines for the hours on it. Now glue the bones for the hours in place.

Step 3: Finish

Place the clockwork and attach it. Now attach the hours minute and second indicator. Now drill 3 screws in the back of the clock to have a bit space to the wall. Attach a bit wire on the top screw and enjoy your new clock.

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