Upcycling Toddler Clothes Hangers



Intro: Upcycling Toddler Clothes Hangers

When we purchase toddler clothes from the store, the clothes often come on a hanger with clips for the matching pieces of clothing. With the clips on the hanger, these hangers are a pain to reuse in the closet. By cutting off the clips, you can upcycle the hangers into both a usable hanger, and a pair of clips.


  • Hangers with pant-clips
  • Hacksaw
  • Block to help saw
  • File (optional, but recommended)

Step 1: Cutting and Sanding

Cutting the hangers is pretty simple. Place the hanger on a block, and cut with a hacksaw. The edges will be pretty sharp where the cuts were, but you can round them off with a file.

That's it! Use your new hangers in the closet, and find some bags to clip with your new clips!



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