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I recently visited a bike repair shop and saw a lot of broken wheels. Have asked what you will do with it? - Throw away the answer. Why did you leave? I came up with such an idea. Because the wheels are made of aluminum, they are light and stable. You can build an armchair with it. Thought, asked, taken and made. This is the result.
I made the chair for a bicycle shop. Soon the chair will get a new home. Since the armchair fits great.

Step 1: Preparing Wheels

I already had two wheels with tires in the basement. I took 4 "bare" rims with me at the workshop. First I had to free bicycle hub from the cone. The front wheel has worked great. At the rear wheel I had to separate this with the angle grinder.
Then I had to share two rims. You then look for the middle and cut. I did that with the jigsaw. This creates four semicircles. They are then converted to the feet.

Step 2: Assembling

Since I did not have a plan how and where to connect the parts, I first connected everything with the tape. After several attempts I got the finished construction.
Then I just had to pierce the joints with the drill and fasten with screws. It then creates a stable construction that can withstand about 90 kilos (my neighbor).

Step 3: Upholstering

Now something had to be done for the butt and the back. I then sawed out the shape of the back and the oval form. In the middle I have made a hole so that there hub body fits and does not press in the back and the back. Then I closed this up with the cut-out circle (cabinet back plate clamping plate). Then came foam and synthetic leather to the point. Stapled and ready. Once again kudos to Bosch PTK 3.6 LI - simply SUPER DEVICE.
For the attachment I attached the hook to the back. And then all tied together with spokes.

Step 4: Finnish Work

At first I wanted to paint all this. But then I thought, make it all first with the tape colorful and then you will decide which color you take. That's what I did. I wrapped my feet with tape. So you can later, if the other color is desired, make tape and attach new in a different color or paint rims. I took floating rods for the armrests. Tire cleaned with tire care products. And that was it.
And now my chair is made of bicycle wheels. The chair is stable and comfortable. Soon armchair gets a new home.



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    1 year ago

    Great project! This is a cool way to recycle broken wheels.


    1 year ago

    This must make an interesting first impression on visitors.