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Introduction: Updated Brother Bear Kenai Bear Totem 2.0

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This one is actually an updated version of the first one I made. You see the other one was to bulky and looked kinda "weird" (my brother called it a platypus). This version is more standard and simpler. This instructable is going to be much simpler than othe other. hopefully you will get it, if not than ask away in the comments. Although this one is more heavier than the other (just because it has more cardboard in it). And you can find these materials around your house.

Step 1: The Materials

Here's a list of things that you can pro ally find around the house:

•hot glue gun (I got mine at Walgreens for $1)
•hot glue sticks (I bought two packs at the Dollar $tore for $2)
•tissue box
•thick cardboard

Step 2: Disassembly Required

To start off that your tissue bow and cut it up so it lays flat. What you wanna do nextbus get your ruler and measure 3 inches tall and 2 1-2 inches width. From there just eyeball the basic shape of the bear and draw two of those. Cut only 1 of those out. Draw a semi-circle on the one you just cut out. Add another extra 1 inch for the tail on the one you didn't cut out yet. Then cut that one out.

Step 3: The Slanted Bottom

To make the slanted bottom part take the semi-circle and draw the shape on the cardboard. Now take the tail one and trace it right on top of the semi circle drawing. Cut that oval egg shape out and hot glue it on the semi circle bear in a slanted position. *to make it more 3D I bent the semi circle bear a little glueing on the oval thing.*

Step 4: The Body Parts

Just like the body I traced the bear and eyeballed the arms. *Remember the totem is like a puzzle If one part is off or not in order it can all fall down.* cut two of those out make sure one is opposite from another. For the nose I made a tiny rectangle I don't really know the measurements exactly but I remember the first line went up 1-2 an inch and the midlife one was the smallest the last one was medium size. The pictures will really help you. After your done with the drawing bend it on the lines and glue a small square of cardboard to it. Do the same thing for the other side and trim of the excess. Fill in with hot glue after done drying. Put the arms and nose aside for later.

Step 5: The Insides

Get the thick cardboard and trace the bear with the tail on it. Cut it out and glue it on the tail bear. Get the bear with the slanted part and glue it on top with the top being bent to give it 3D shape. Make one more bear with a tail on the tissue cardboard but this time cut it at the line were you added that tail. Get a thin piece from the thick cardboard and glue it onto the cut one. Take it and bend it again and glue it on top again.

Step 6: The Detailing

Adding on the details is the easiest part of the project. With your pencil lightly draw we're you want everything to go. Glue everything in place. Make the bears mouth,eyes,cheek lines, and glue on a circle to make a tail at the back.

Step 7: Making a Necklace

To make a necklace just get some string and hot glue it onto the back or any other way you want to attach it. Now spread your LOVE to the world!!!! :D

I guess that's really how to build-a-bear!(pun intended!)
You can modify it whatever you want and make suggestions in the comments. (•_•)

Your all done see its not that hard. All that hard work. check out my other instructables new ones on the way! :D
Until next time......

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