Updated Closet Storage

Introduction: Updated Closet Storage

Wife and i had decided we really needed some extra storage space in our closet, more specifically a lot more space for hanging clothes.

We decided to go with a double rack instead of the single we had. I drew up a few designs and we decided to also add a shelving tower along one of the walls and a shelf on top

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Step 1: Demo and Wall Patching

The fun part is usually the demo but in this case it was just frustrating to discover how half assed this shelf and hanging rod had been installed. What shocked me the most was the huge holes in the drywall for the hanging rod. One i pulled the rod and shelf out i was left with a whole bunch of wall patching to do.

I grabbed a small can of wall putty stuff and started filling the damage. I had to do some extra work on the huge hole where the old rod was. I took a paint stirring stick from home depot and judo chopped it in half. Drilled a hole, applied glue to it and maneuvered it into the wall. Then screwed a temporary brace until the glue dried. This gave me a nice backing for the wall filler putty stuff.

After that a bit if sanding with a sanding block got me a nice smooth wall and a bunch og white powder.

Step 2: Paint

Not much to talk about here. Paint, brush, roller etc.

Step 3: Building Tower

I had to use my circular saw since i dont have a table saw. Since i dont trust myself to freehand a straight cut i used a straight edge and clamps to make my cuts. A little more time consuming but pretty good results.

Then i used my kreg jig to drill some pocket holes for fastening. Very clean way of assembling the shelving unit.

I used a very small amount of glue being careful not to make a mess

Step 4: Primer and Paint

I used Zinser bulls eye 1-2-3 primer from home depot. They seem to always recommend that stuff. 2 coats of primer and ten 2 costs of rustoleum gloss white

Step 5: Assembly

Screwed the tower to the wall, then added the top shelf with some supports.

Got a nice heavy duty chrome hanging rack from lowes and cut them to size and installed them.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks really nice! There are a couple of closets at our place that would benefit greatly from this treatment.