Updated Glovebox First Aid and Sewing Kit




This is an ergonomically and practical First Aid and Sewing kit practical for any glovebox or backpack. It contains everything you need for repairing clothing or to address a cut. This is an update from a previous instructable but is


Step 1: Gather First Aid Materials

Gather Your Materials:

-(3) Small Cotton Balls

-(4) Band Aids

-(2) Finger Tip Band Aids

-(1) Butterfly Band Aid (not shown)

-(3) Varied size sewing needles

-(5) Feet of Thread wrapped around cardboard (I recommend doing this with multiple colors)

-(2) Packs of Niosporine

-(2) Alcohol Wipes

-(1) Antiseptic Wipe Packed in a small container:

-(6-8) Tylenol/Ibiprofen/Pain Reliever

-(6) Allergy Tablets

-(2) Tums

-(1) Small Clip (not shown)


Instruction Booklet

Step 2: Disinfect Altoid Container

I recommend wiping out the container with an antiseptic wipe to ensure the container is sanitary

Step 3: Attach Bandaid Clip

Take a piece of tape and tape down one of the metal pieces so that you can open it up and put in the Band Aids as shown in picture. Another, better option would be to hot glue the clip in place for a stronger and more permanent attachment.

Step 4: Pill Container

I used an old braces wax container for the pills (after washing it of course). I recommend Tums, Ibuprofen, and nonprescription allergy medication such as Claritan. When I did it all of the pills were different colors so it was not hard to mix them up.

Step 5: Assemble Materials

Put the pill container on the bottom with the sewing kit and floss next to it. Put the q tips behind the pills along the side next to the hinges. Put the cotton balls over the sewing kit and the bandaids in the lid held in by the clip. Put all of the disinfecting items on top of the pills and cotton balls with the instructions on top of them. Flip the Band Aid clip down so the it is easier to shut. Close the lid. I decided to put a red cross on the container with duct tape. Put the rubber bands on to keep it from coming open. Done!

(sorry for bad quality picture)



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    you shouldn't take the pills out of the containers because then you don't know what they are and neither does someone else if they come across your container. Also no protection from damp, or cross contamination . Just a thought for next time.