Updo in 1 Minute (best for Shoulder Length Hair)




Introduction: Updo in 1 Minute (best for Shoulder Length Hair)

Have bad hair day? Can't get it straight? Not enough time to curl up your hair?

This updo works best with mid length hair (shoulder length or 2 or 3 inches longer). If the hair length is too short,you will get frills around the edges and you may need to use a lot of hairspray.

And if the hair length is too long, it will come out lose in an hour or 2.

Try this method. Works well on hair that are straight or wavy and create an updo without visiting the salon. Save your $$$$ and time :)

The second best part: after you remove the elastic at the end of the day; you get a very nice and natural curly waves on your hair.

Give it a try and you will love it.

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Step 1: Tie a Neat Pony Tail

1) Brush hair with comb to loosen hair up and untangle the ends.

2) Use a fine tooth comb brush and comb the hair neatly.

3) Tie a pony tail (NOTE: not too high) slightly below the middle section of the back of the skull. Secure with a strong elastic band.

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Middle

4) Make a hole in the middle of the pony tail, with one hand.

Step 3: Tucking the Hair Into the Hole

5) Flip the hair upwards and tuck the hair (with your other hand) into the hole you have made.

Step 4:

6) Comb out any stray hair with your fine comb and some water.

7) Smooth any uneven surfaces and set the hair using either a medium or strong hold hair spray, depending on your need.

Step 5: Add Your Hair Accessories

8) You can place a clip, fresh cut flowers or ribbon, etc. The possibility is endless

Let's start saving our money with this DIY updo.

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