Upgrade Glasses

After many times of dropping my eyeglasses, now is the time of upgrade o repair just with one dollar. very easy to do.

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Step 1: Basic Tools Needs

Small Phillips Screwdriver,

Hot glue or super glue

small pliers fine tip.

and a little be of force.

Step 2: Frames

Frames glasses base on the size of your eyeglasses lenses.

Step 3: Get Ready

On some frames need to unscrew the frame for release pressure on eyeglass, but on others just need to force the eyeglass lens from top to bottom and pressing with fingers.

Step 4: Protect

Use any kind of tape to protect the frame and the eyeglass lens from get some glue on parts where no need.

Step 5: Glue

This time I just used hot glue because I want to change for new frame later, but if you feel good with the first frame you can use super glue. ^_^.

Step 6: Modifier Frame

On this one I cut the frame just to make the lens to look good. ^_^ you can use any small saw or hot knife.

Step 7: Final Step

My favorite eyeglasses, on this one I make to fit on the frame with a little be of force no need glue, is no perfect but look good ^-^.

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    1 year ago

    I have several pairs that need to be re-worked; your instructable not only gives clarity but also spawned a couple of ideas for me. Thanks.

    Recently I hot-glued a couple salvaged reader-lenses inside a pair of sunglasses, so that I can read outside. Gotta do whatever works, right?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    You right, Sometimes fixing or updating things with what is at hand is the best option. ^_^