Upgrade Stairs




The stairs were too small an looked very old.


Step 1: Intedrade LED´s

1. Drill holes for all LED´s

2. Put them in and connect cables under the stairs.

Step 2: Cut New Step Toppings

1. Make one cardboard template with the largest step.

2. Cut all step toppings (every second mirrored)

3. Mesure up all steps and shorten every step topping, if needed

4. Test it by laying them on their stairs

Step 3: Paint With Clear Parquet Paint

If you like the look: I burned the steptoppings with a kitchen burner

Then paint them with clear parquet paint

Step 4: Paint the Stair in Your Favorite Colour

I took black :)

Step 5: Put the Step Toppings On

I locked them with long golden torx screws

Step 6: Make an New Handrail

Additional I made a simple handrail in the same look.



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    6 Discussions


    1 year ago

    They call that an "alternating tread" device or stair in the US. Probably ok to use for a non-livable basement or attic, but would not meet code in place of a normal stairway. Then again the existing stairway would not meet code either if it is that steep.

    I like the burnt wood look. When you say you did that with a kitchen burner do you mean a gas cook top? I'd guess electric would leave rings on the wood.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes, a gas cook top. For Creme Brulee ;)


    1 year ago

    This type of tread is ideal for very narrow stairs as it makes more room to keep each foot stable for the lift of the other foot. The only caveat to keep in mind is this: they can be MURDER on the knees. The knees are now doing most of the work to climb this type of stair, and if your knees are questionable - and, God knows, mine ARE - think twice about this method. That said, sometimes it's the only solution (which look like the case here from the photos above.)

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank´s for your comment. My knees are good yet (Project is done since 2015). Before the larger steps my feets hurted because the steps were too small (18 cm). I only have to begin with the right foot ;)


    1 year ago

    Those look beautiful, I love the burnt effect you added to the stairs :)

    1 reply