Upgrade Your Bluetooth V3.0


Introduction: Upgrade Your Bluetooth V3.0

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My first upgrade is in below link:-


Today I'm gong to upgrade two thing in my bluetooth headset...

Now i'm going to upgrade my wired bluetooth headset and i will add Female 3.5 mm jack to put any branded earphone.

Now let's start...

Step 1: Requirements for First Upgrade

  1. Female 3.5 mm Jack
  2. Female 3.5 mm Jack Holder
  3. Glue Gun
  4. Soldering Iron
  5. Soldering Paste
  6. Solder
  7. Tape
  8. Mobile/Laptop

Step 2: Procedure

  1. First joint your Left and Right Speakers terminal with one wire and ground terminal with second wire.
  2. Now put some hot glue in the holder to fix the 3.5 mm jack and wire.
  3. Joint the two wire on place of bluetooth speakers place. Do it very carefully and don't touch the other wires.
  4. now assemble all and paste some tape on it.
  5. (Optional) You can put those in box and do some hole for charging point and for 3.5 mm jack.

Step 3: Demo!

These pictures are demo of first upgrade

Now proceed to next upgrade............

Step 4: Requirements for Second Upgrade

Here i'm going to remove battery and add non dis-chargeable thing.That is a Charger.

item required:-

A 5V charger

LM7805 IC

First upgraded Bluetooth Chip

Step 5: Procedure

  1. First remove battery from the bluetooth chip.
  2. Cut your old charger into half and take +ve & -ve terminals and solder it on LM7805 IC as picture one is showing.
  3. Take two points from IC and solder it on bluetooth chip at battery point to it's corresponding point terminals.

Step 6: Demo

These are the picture of upgraded bluetooth chip without battery...




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8 Discussions

At first when I saw the name I thought it was an upgrade to the bluetooth as in making it have a stronger signal, but now i guess it just allows assessories that are made to hook up via headphone jack into bluetooth.

1 reply

yeah you're right the upgrade's is all about to allow any 3.5mm jack in radius of 10 meters and increase battery duration...
It's hard to increase the signal strength...
But you gave me a new IDEA. I'll work on that..

Is the sound good ?. Secondly, its a single channel audio it will not have effect as of stereo and would sound blant. Lastly can we hook up a camera speaker to it?

5 replies

Yes my dear friend your queries are genuine..

1. Sound is good according to your earphone/ Headphone

2.yes it have no effect as stereo.

3. I think so

I have a spare cell phone speaker but sadly it does not produce sound i am really not sure why but it works good with 3.5mm jack

See my idea is use a cellphone small speaker which is smaller than coin inside a helmet. So i did hack the bluetooth receiver and used the small speaker but it does not produce sound.

I did not used any external battery may be there where i am going wrong. The speaker have RED & BLACK wires and i directly connect with the bluetooth wires.

great you are at right place. now connect red wire to +ve terminal of bluetooth speaker and black to negative terminal... if you are facing some problem then send some pics... i tried your idea in past I connect headphone speaker's to my bike helmet and it's works... for more details of connecting wire to terminals go to my this page https://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-your-Bluet...

you don't need external batteries but if you used that battery that will drain very fast...

good luck friend......